360/OS Open Source Summit: Meet Us In Berlin

Join us in Berlin on June 22–23, as we build a global network of #DigitalSherlocks

360/OS Open Source Summit: Meet Us In Berlin

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Join us in Berlin on June 22–23, as we build a global network of #DigitalSherlocks

June 22–23, 2018 are the days we’ve all been waiting for!

The @DFRLab is taking our 360/OS open source summit to Berlin, a city firmly focused on the future and a stark historical reminder of the divide between democracy and those who seek to undermine government by and for the people.

This year’s 360/OS in Berlin will continue to build on the movement started in at last year’s experience in Warsaw. (Source: @DFRLab)

The 360/OS open source summit is an experience that will bring together journalists, activists, innovators, and leaders from around the world as part of our digital solidarity movement for objective facts and reality — a cornerstone of democracy. Over two days of interactive sessions and hands-on trainings, participants will discover the latest techniques in open source, social media analysis, emerging technology, and digital forensic research, to forge digital resilience and defend the integrity of our democratic societies.

At 360/OS our cross-sectoral network of “Digital Sherlocks” will create and cultivate techniques needed to expose falsehoods and fake news, document human rights abuses, and report the actuality of global events in real-time.

We will conclude on the evening of Saturday, June 23 with the Atlantic Council’s tenth annual Freedom Awards, which recognize extraordinary individuals and organizations working to advance the cause of freedom around the world. This year we will honor former United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, among others.

(Source: The Atlantic Council)

So, come and join the #DigitalSherlocks for two days of open source and digital forensic exploration, and be a part of the conversation that is transforming media, the way we confront disinformation, and the world as we know it.

If you are interested in joining 360/OS please register here.

Room for engagement online may be infinite, but room for engagement at the 360/OS open source summit is not. Due to high demand, we cannot guarantee every applicant a spot at the summit. Our team will do our best to accommodate every one interested, and we will send final confirmation by May 7 at the latest.

We hope to see you in Berlin!

Follow along for more in-depth analysis from our #DigitalSherlocks.

(Source: DFRLab)