#DigitalSherlocks: Welcome to the Movement

The DFRLab’s flagship summit pioneers a 360-degree approach to open-source research

#DigitalSherlocks: Welcome to the Movement

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The DFRLab’s flagship summit pioneers a 360-degree approach to open-source research

(Source: @kaitdemchuk/DFRLab)

415 participants. 63 countries on six continents. Representatives from government, media, civil society, tech, and academia. The DFRLab is thrilled to welcome such a diverse cohort of participants to London for our annual summit, 360/OS, this year!

360/OS 2019 in numbers. (Source: @nikaaleksejeva/DFRLab)

We come from an array of backgrounds but are committed to a singular mission: fighting disinformation where and when it occurs, using open-source research. By bringing together policymakers, industry partners, media, and activists from around the world, 360/OS aims to facilitate dialogue and establish avenues for cooperation among experts and members of the public who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to cross paths.

Disinformation is a complex and multidisciplinary dilemma. Accordingly, it requires a multidisciplinary solution: a 360-degree approach. It is fitting that, this year, we are convening in a physical 360-degree space, London’s iconic Roundhouse Theatre. Having hosted generations of music royalty — from David Bowie to the Rolling Stones to Janelle Monáe (listen to a playlist of some of our favorite acts), the Roundhouse is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.


Through two days of interactive sessions with a truly global community of #DigitalSherlocks, we plan to do exactly that. The editorial team will be publishing in-depth coverage on our Medium page throughout, paying special attention to reoccurring themes and top takeaways. Meanwhile, the Atlantic Council’s blog, New Atlanticist, will also be highlighting some of the individual sessions. This post will be updated throughout the day with links to this content.

This is it, #DigitalSherlocks: welcome to the movement!

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Follow along for more in-depth analysis from our #DigitalSherlocks.