360/Digital Sherlocks

Combatting disinformation can’t be done alone; ultimately it requires a growing movement of individuals taking the lead around the world and in their own communities. It’s these Digital Sherlocks who are at the heart of our movement. 

In 2019, the DFRLab and its partners trained over 1,500 people in more than 50 workshops across six continents; it also financially supported over 50 digital sherlocks from 25 countries to attend our flagship event in London in June that year.

This year, our goal is to expand efforts around the world, sponsoring 360/DigitalSherlocks Scholarships to join 360/Open Summit in Brussels. The deadline for applications will be September 12, 2020.

Those selected will participate in rigorous trainings on open source methodologies, dedicated briefings with experts and policy makers, and other tailored opportunities throughout the event.

This year in the lead up to Brussels, Digital Sherlocks will receive dedicated training sessions. Closer to June, DFRLab will select a group of 120 Digital Sherlocks to attend an all-access experience at 360/Open Summit in Brussels. The tentative schedule is below: 

October 2020: First training session | Online  
All Digital Sherlocks will be asked to attend a first training session organized by DFRLab’s experts in their respective regions. Throughout the course of three hours, DFRLab’s trainers will share tips, skills, and case studies on how to fight mis- and disinformation and contribute to protect the integrity of the information environment in your region.

November 2020 – April 2021: Series of in-depth skills workshops | Online
DFRLab’s global team will host two-hour training sessions on in-depth open source methodologies, OSINT techniques, narrative analysis, deepfake detection, data visualization for investigative journalists, and much more. All Digital Sherlocks will be able to register to as many workshops as they wish, based on their interest. 

June 24-25, 2021: 360/Open Summit | Brussels
Throughout the period of the training program, the DFRLab will select around 120 Digital Sherlocks – based on interest, participation, and need – to attend 360/OS Brussels next June with all travel expenses covered. While unfortunately we won’t be able to provide financial support to more than 120 participants, we will still love for everyone else to join us in Brussels!

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