At the Digital Forensics Research Lab, our mission is:  

  • To promote objective fact as a foundation of government for and by people
  • To protect democratic institutions and norms from those who would undermine them online. 
  • To identify, expose, and explain disinformation when and where it occurs, no matter the source. 
  • To create a new model of expertise adapted for impact and real-world results.  
  • To forge digital resilience at a time when humans are more interconnected and have more access to information than at any point in history.  

To accomplish that mission, the work we do basically comes down to this: 

  • Charting the evolution of disinformation and other online harms, especially as it relates to the DFRLab’s leadership role in establishing shared definitions, frameworks, and mitigation practices. 
  • Defining the role of the internet in both the defense and promotion of free and open societies.  
  • Studying the emerging global information competition and battle for digital influence, recognizing that this represents the harbinger of a broader revolution in international affairs. 

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