What is the Program? 

The Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative (CSI) offers the non-partisan Atlantic Council Congressional Cyber and Digital Policy Program to educate Congressional staff about key issues in cybersecurity and digital policy.  

The program is built around six seminars to introduce staffers to foundational and emerging topics in technology and cyber policy such as how the internet and software work, what the private sector wants from the government, critical infrastructure security, secure-by-design, generative artificial intelligence (GAI), and the internet-of-things, among others. Led by academic scholars, researchers from the CSI team, and industry experts, the seminars will consist of lectures, group discussions, and workshops, as well as activities such as debating specific policies related to cybersecurity and technology.

Why is there a need for the Program?

Cybersecurity and the design of digital technologies play an increasingly significant role in policymaking across a wide swath of the Congressional agenda. Staff are regularly called on to brief members on policy issues related to digital technology and security.  

WhEN IS the Program?

These seminars are private and held under the Chatham House rule, in or near the US Capitol Building. Each seminar is two hours long and takes place on alternating Fridays between 4:00 and 6:00 PM ET. Participants are required to attend the seminars in-person. Each cohort is capped to maximize participation and interactive value. 

The dates for the seminars in 2024 are: March 22, April 05, April 19, May 03, May 17, and May 31.  

The applications for the 2024 cohort are now open until 11:59 PM ET on February 20, 2024. You can apply here


Who should apply?  

Full-time Congressional staffers who focus on cybersecurity or digital policy issues as part of their work and have an articulated interest in this field should apply. Applicants should have an understanding of the legislative process of the US government and possess a desire for a continued role in shaping national policy. They should be able to attend at least four out of six in-person seminars conducted near or in the US Capitol building between March and May 2024, and attendance will be tracked by the Atlantic Council team. Staffers who identify as women, BIPOC, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, veterans, or persons with disability are encouraged to apply for the program.  

What to expect after completing the Program?   

Congressional staffers who attend four out of six seminars will become a part of the Congressional Cyber Alumni Network. The members of the network will receive regular updates about the Cyber Statecraft Initiative’s (CSI) research, publications, and events including workshops, roundtable discussions, panel discussions, and conferences. They will be invited to judge in Cyber 9/12 Strategy Competitions, CSI’s flagship cyber policy and strategy competition. The members will also be invited to an annual Congressional Cyber Alumni Meet Up where different cohorts of the Congressional Cyber and Digital Policy Program will get a chance to network with each other as well as with members of the Atlantic Council’s expert network. Most importantly, the participants will have access to the expertise and knowledge of the full-time members, resident fellows, and non-resident fellows of the Atlantic Council’s tech programs. 


  1. Who is eligible to apply?
    • Full-time congressional staff working for a House or Senate office or professional staff working for any committee.  
    • Just as an example, this can include a Professional Staff Member, Legislative Assistant, Legislative Director, Legislative Counsel, Advisor, among others.
  2. What is the time commitment? 
    • We estimate that the time commitment for this opportunity would be 8 hours per month over 2 sessions, 50% of time spent reviewing read-ahead materials, and the other 50% of time in seminars. Each session will be 2 hours long. 
  3. How do I apply/what is the process for application? 
    • We follow a simple application process. You can access the application for the 2024 cohort here.  
    • The application includes following: 
      – Personal Details: Name, Contact Information, Office or Committee you work for
      – Why are you interested in participating in the Atlantic Council Congressional Cyber and Digital Policy Program? (200 words)
      – How is this opportunity relevant to your current role and/or office? (200 words)
      – What are you hoping to take away from this Program? (200 words)
      – Your Resume/ CV
      – Letter of Recommendation from a current supervisor
    • Submit your application before 11:59 PM ET on February 20, 2024. 
    • If you have any questions, please contact us at: Cyber@AtlanticCouncil.org  
  4. What are the skills you are looking for? 
    • Applicants are required to have an understanding of the legislative process  
    • Applicants are not required to have a degree in cybersecurity or technology, but they should have an articulated interest in technology and the ways in which it intersects with security and their ongoing work responsibilities  
  5. How is the cohort selected? 
    • Applicants are selected based on the quality of their application and the relevance of their experience  
    • The Atlantic Council may take a staffer’s direct work responsibilities into account while selecting a cohort

Still have questions? Please contact us at: Cyber@AtlanticCouncil.org 

The Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative, under the Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab), works at the nexus of geopolitics and cybersecurity to craft strategies to help shape the conduct of statecraft and to better inform and secure users of technology.