• Research Assistant, Armenia

Ani Mejlumyan

Ani Mejlumyan is a research assistant for Armenia and the broader region at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab and is based in Yerevan, Armenia.

Mejlumyan has over fourteen years of experience in media including investigative and conflict journalism. Mejlumyan has a master’s degree in journalism and media management from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs.

March 2024

Unpacking the Kremlin media blitz surrounding Gagauzia leader’s Russia visit

by Victoria Olari, Ani Mejlumyan

Eugenia Gutul’s meeting with Vladimir Putin drives Kremlin news cycle positioning Russia as "protector" of Gagauzia and Moldova as its "oppressor"
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February 2024

Arms sale claim heightened tensions ahead of 2023 Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks

by Ani Mejlumyan, Valentin Châtelet

Online narratives claimed Iran or Russia might exploit French weapons that were allegedly bound for Armenia
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November 2023

Russian War Report: Russia just lost the most troops in a single battle so far in 2023

by Digital Forensic Research Lab

In Ukriane, fighting over the strategically important town of Avdiivka has led to heavy Russian losses. In Armenia, Russian propaganda is targeting the Armenian government.
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