• Research Associate, Caucasus

Sopo Gelava

Sopo Gelava is a research associate for the Caucasus with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. Prior to the DFRLab, she served as media literacy programs director at Media Development Foundation, leading Georgian think-tank countering disinformation and information operations. Sopo teaches fact-checking and verification courses at the University of Georgia (UG) and is leading the Investigative Media Lab at the university.

June 2024

Another battlefield: Telegram as a digital front in Russia’s war against Ukraine

In this new report, the DFRLab investigates the role of Telegram in Russia since the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine
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May 2024

Pro-government Facebook ads target protests against foreign agents bill in Georgia

by Sopo Gelava

Dozens of Facebook ads targeted Georgian protesters with anti-Western and anti-LGBTQ+ narratives
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March 2024

Suspicious Facebook assets amplify pro-Kremlin Bulgarian ‘mushroom’ websites

by Sopo Gelava

More than one hundred Facebook assets promoted links to external websites sharing pro-Kremlin propaganda in Bulgaria
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