• Research Associate, Caucasus

Sopo Gelava

Sopo Gelava is a research associate for the Caucasus with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. Prior to the DFRLab, she served as media literacy programs director at Media Development Foundation, leading Georgian think-tank countering disinformation and information operations. Sopo teaches fact-checking and verification courses at the University of Georgia (UG) and is leading the Investigative Media Lab at the university.

November 2023

Russian War Report: Pro-Kremlin surrogates accuse the US of using ‘climate weapons’ in Crimea

by Digital Forensic Research Lab

Following a severe storm in the Black Sea heavily impacted Crimea, pro-Kremlin sources circulated a conspiracy suggesting the US used a weather weapon.
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October 2023

Kremlin propagandists fuel anti-government sentiment in Armenia

by Ani Mejlumyan, Sopo Gelava

Russian media and influencers blame Armenian prime minister and the West for the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh while encouraging anti-government protests
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October 2023

Georgian travel company behind inauthentic network promotes health-related clickbait content

by Sopo Gelava, Jean le Roux

Inauthentic network disseminated unreliable health-related content to promote travel company and increase sales
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