Timeline: London Parliament Attack

A London Attack on the Anniversary of the Brussels Attack

Timeline: London Parliament Attack

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Timeline of the events

UPDATE: 3:38pm EST / 7:38pm GMT

Moments ago, Simon Israel of Channel 4 retracted the network’s previous identification of Abu Izzadeen as the perpetrator of today’s attack.

UPDATE: 3:20pm EST / 7:20pm GMT

Channel 4 has stated on-air that sources have told them that Abu Izzadeen (Trevor Brooks) was the perpetrator of the attack. This information has not been confirmed by police or government sources.

Screenshot from a Channel 4 broadcast, where Abu Izzadeen was named as the alleged attacker.

However, Izzadeen’s lawyer told sources that he is still in jail and “could not have been the attacker.”

UPDATE: 2:48pm EST / 6:48pm GMT

Henk van Ess, a specialist in internet research and verification, purchased the registration information for the car photographed at the scene of the Westminster attack. As he noted in one tweet, the car has not been reported as stolen (as of yet), and it has not been resold.


UPDATE: 12:55pm EST / 4:55pm GMT

The car, a Hyundai, photographed at the scene of the incident has the license plate of “EX66 RWO”. This plate indicates that the car was registered in Essex in September 2016.

Enlarged image of the license plate from this tweet
Car registration plate from the UK — Great Britain format, with explanatory labels. Author: Cnbrb, Wikicommons. (source)

Per Sky News journalist Craig Dillon, the car was registered in Chelmsford, Essex, and identified the Hyundai car.


Earlier this afternoon, Parliamentary correspondent Patrick Daly started tweeting about shots fired outside the British Parliament and an attack on police officers. He followed up his tweets with a brief video showing the aftermath of the incident.

In what seemed to be a separate but connected incident, former Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski was crossing the Thames along Westminster Bridge when a vehicle “mowed down at least five” pedestrians. Sikorski later tweeted that he filmed the video that he shared.

Other witness accounts from the scene show the aftermath of the shooting and apparent vehicle attack, including helicopters landing on Parliament Square.


We can observe the scene from London traffic cameras that are openly accessible online, including one on Westminster Bridge. At 3:15pm local time, this was the scene at the bridge:


The incident occurred as a minute of silence was held in Brussels to honor the victims of the 2016 attack across the city.

As with all security events, we urge you to take caution when creating a timeline of events. As of 3:56 PM, MP David Lidington confirmed that the attacker was shot and an air ambulance is treating victims. We are awaiting additional information.


As of the hour an Air Ambulance has been attending to the injured following the incident which are being treated at London’s St. Thomas Hospital.

@DFRLab will continue monitoring the situation for significant developments. As more information is posted about the incident we join the Metropolitan Police in urging the public “to use common sense and restraint” regarding posts that may confuse the investigation.

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