Thu, Feb 9, 2023

Data leak suggests crackdown on anti-war social media posts by Russia’s telecom regulator

Roskomnadzor reportedly deleted 150,000 anti-war posts and intends to deploy bot farms to censor anti-war content

by Valentin Châtelet

Belarus Digital Policy
Screenshot of an animated video produced by the Wagner Group showing soldiers fighting French 'zombies' in West Africa.

Fri, Jan 20, 2023

Russian War Report: Wagner Group fights French ‘zombies’ in cartoon propaganda

Plus, more on Wagner's power struggles with the Russian defense ministry and Russia's apparent use of incendiary munitions in Kherson.

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Belarusian soldiers from the Unit 103rd Vitebsk Guard Aircraft Brigade conduct joint combat exercises with police units in the Gomel region of Belarus, Feb 16, 2022. (Source: Eyepress via Reuters Connect)

Fri, Jun 3, 2022

Russian War Report: Signs of renewed Belarusian troop movements towards Ukrainian border

Belarusian troops seem to be on the move again toward their border with Ukraine while the Kremlin spreads claims of killed NATO officers and blames the West for global food shortages.

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A Belarusian soldier of the 11th separate mechanized brigade participates in a previous combat exercise on Feb 16, 2022. (Source: EYEPRESS via Reuters Connect)

Fri, May 6, 2022

Russian War Report: Belarus launches “combat preparedness test”

The Belarusian military began unannounced combat drills, the Kremlin drops the term "denazification," and a Latin American RT influencer resigns.

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Plumes of smoke rise after a fire erupts at an oil depot in Bryansk, Russia April 25, 2022 in this still image obtained from social media video. Natalya Krutova via REUTERS

Tue, Apr 26, 2022

Russian War Report: Geolocating fires in Bryansk

On April 25, large fires were reported in Bryansk, Russia, just 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. DFRLab geolocated the fires to confirm an armed forces fuel depot was damaged.

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Secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council Oleksiy Danilov addresses the media in Kyiv, Ukraine February 23, 2022.

Mon, Apr 18, 2022

Russian War Report: Russia falsely accuses Ukraine of provoking conflict even after it knew war was coming

Russia has rehashed several old narratives in their continued attempts to justify the war in Ukraine including misrepresented statements from Ukrainian officials.

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Rossiya TV video claiming to show Ukrainians dressing mannequins actually originated from behind-the-scenes footage of a Russian TV series. (Source: Rossiya TV)

Wed, Apr 13, 2022

Russian War Report: Russia promotes misleading video accusing Ukraine of using mannequins as casualties

Kremlin-controlled TV network Rossiya 24 broadcast a misleading video claiming that mannequins were being used in Ukraine to stage war casualties.

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Mon, Apr 11, 2022

Russian War Report: Facebook takes down inauthentic networks targeting Ukraine

Facebook removed an online Russian and Belarusian network targeting Ukrainians named Ghostwriter while more Russian Twitter accounts turn to VK and Telegram.

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Fri, Apr 8, 2022

Russian War Report: Russia makes false claims while blaming Ukraine for Kramatorsk railway station attack

After missiles struck near Kramatorsk, Ukraine railway station, Russia tried to blame Ukraine for attacking its own people, a narrative pro-Kremlin media ran with.

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France, Paris, 2022-03-05. Paris demonstration in support of Ukraine, place de la Republique. Ukrainian, Georgian and European flags are flying in the wind. Photography by Sandrine Marty / Hans Lucas. France, Paris, 2022-03-05. Manifestation parisienne de soutien a l Ukraine, Place de la Republique. Les drapeaux Ukrainien, georgiens et europeen flottent au vent. Photographie par Sandrine Marty / Hans Lucas.

Wed, Apr 6, 2022

Russian War Report: Ukraine accuses Georgia of allowing Russian smuggling through its territory

Ukraine has accused Georgia of facilitating Russian smuggling out of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Alexei Navalny calls for Kremlin propaganda to be treated as a war crime.

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Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy speaks as he is surrounded by Ukrainian servicemen as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues, in Bucha, outside Kyiv, Ukraine, April 4, 2022. REUTERS/Marko Djurica

Mon, Apr 4, 2022

Russian War Report: Kremlin claims Bucha massacre was staged by Ukraine

Civilians have been found dead, many with their hands bound and simply left on the street, in Bucha. Despite the evidence, the Kremlin is trying to cover it up through disinformation and confusion.

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An eyewitness captures video of military helicopters approaching Belgorod, Russia. (Source: @UAWeapons/archive)

Fri, Apr 1, 2022

Russian War Report: Videos appear to show missiles striking Russian oil depot

Video surfaced showing a possible attack on a Russian oil depot in Belgorod. Elsewhere, a Russian official threatened Azerbaijan with nukes.

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