• Research Associate, Sub-Saharan Africa

Jean le Roux

Jean le Roux is a research associate for the Sub-Saharan Africa region at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) based in South Africa.

Jean’s research is focused on disinformation, misinformation and digital propaganda campaigns within Africa. He has a particular interest in capacitating journalists and students to conduct open source investigations, building digital resilience and fostering a new generation of #DigitalSherlocks.

Jean has a bachelor’s degree in law and has conducted high profile corruption, maladministration and misconduct investigations within the government and financial services sectors. He has extensive experience in conducting open source investigations cultivated during his 10-year career as a journalist, investigator and analyst.

September 2022

Russia-based Facebook operation targeted Europe with anti-Ukraine messaging

by Alyssa Kann, Daniel Suárez Pérez, Mattia Caniglia, Jean le Roux, Sopo Gelava, Roman Osadchuk, Nika Aleksejeva

A network of inauthentic assets uncovered by the DFRLab promoted Kremlin narratives in Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, Latvia and the UK.
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April 2022

China’s discourse power operations in the Global South

by Kenton Thibaut

An overview of China’s discourse power activities in the Global South, including the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. It outlines the processes through which China leverages its diplomatic, media, and political positions in these regions to gain influence, and assesses the impacts of these activities for democratic resilience worldwide.
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March 2022

IStandWithPutin hashtag trends amid dubious amplification efforts

by Jean le Roux

Over the week of February 28, 2022, the hashtag #IStandWithPutin trended in several regions, but a deeper look at the origin and amplification of the hashtag suggested this support was artificial.
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