• Research Associate, Latin America

Daniel Suárez Pérez

Daniel Suárez Pérez is a research associate for Latin America at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) based in Colombia.

As a Colombian journalist, Daniel has experience in armed conflict researches and journalism projects to investigate violence against local leaders and communities in Latin America. Daniel have been working in collaboration with organizations to promote data journalism and empower women in media, such as Chicas Poderosas, Hacks/Hackers and School of Data. Daniel research focus is identifying, exposing and explaining disinformation on digital media in Latin America.

June 2024

Spanish-language ads amplify scams using audio deepfakes of public figures

by Daniel Suárez Pérez

Scammers fabricated interviews with politicians and tech moguls to present supposed investments as legitimate government-backed programs
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October 2023

Suspicious media targeted Guatemala’s elected president

by Daniel Suárez Pérez

At least seventeen media outlets that concentrated their operations on Facebook targeted campaign of lead candidate and electoral institutions ahead of the runoff election
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June 2023

Russian War Report: Kremlin denies that it targeted civilians in a missile attack on a pizza restaurant

by Digital Forensic Research Lab

A deadly Russian missile strike on a cafe in Kramatorsk leaves a dozen dead and more injured. Post-mutiny, Wagner's future in Africa is up in the air.
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