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Zarine Kharazian

Zarine Kharazian was the associate editor at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) based in Washington DC. In this role, Zarine edited coverage from the lab’s global network of Digital Research Units (DRUs). She previously served as the assistant editor of the International Enforcement Law Reporter, where she managed editorial operations and covered cybersecurity and data protection issues. While an undergraduate at the College of William & Mary, Zarine worked as a research assistant in the Social Networks and Political Psychology (SNaPP) Lab, where she studied the psychophysiological underpinnings of political behavior, both offline and online. Zarine speaks Armenian and French and is originally from Yerevan, Armenia. She has a particular interest in disinformation trends in the South Caucasus as well as the ethical and methodological dilemmas journalists and researchers face when reporting on disinformation.

February 2021

Weaponized: How rumors about COVID-19’s origins led to a narrative arms race

by Digital Forensic Research Lab

A joint research project from the Digital Forensic Research Lab and the Associate Press on information environments during the first six months of COVID-19.
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July 2019

360/OS 2019: Deepfakes — It’s Not What It Looks Like!

by Zarine Kharazian

Part of a series of posts highlighting key themes at the DFRLab’s 360/OS 2019 summit
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