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KRAKOW, POLAND - OCTOBER 13: Voting at a polling station during the parliamentary elections on October 15, 2023 in Krakow. Poland. Parliamentary elections were held in Poland on October 15. The elections were accompanied by a highly controversial referendum during which four questions were asked, including about migration policy. (Source: Klaudia Radecka/NurPhoto via Reuters)

Wed, Dec 13, 2023

How foreign actors targeted Polish information environment ahead of parliamentary elections

Foreign - or seemingly foreign - actors implemented different interference actions in order to influence Polish voters or foment societal instability

by Givi Gigitashvili

Central Europe Central Europe
Ukrainian drone operators in Ukraine’s Donbas region, February 14, 2023. Russia’s Wagner Group is attempting to recruit gamers to join its own ranks of drone pilots. (Source: Reuters Connect/Kish Kim/Sipa USA)

Fri, Jun 23, 2023

Russian War Report: Wagner attempts to draft gamers as drone pilots

Russian PMC Wagner Group is encouraging gamers to apply to serve as drone pilots in the war against Ukraine while Ukrainian forces advance on the eastern front.

by Digital Forensic Research Lab

A person wearing Guy Fawkes mask, attends a solidarity protest for Mahsa Amini in Washington DC on October 1, 2022.

Thu, Oct 13, 2022

Analysis: Why Iranian protesters are embracing Anonymous

The decentralized hacker movement has vowed to free the people of Iran, mirroring chants of protesters on the street

by Simin Kargar

Civil Society Electorate

Thu, Nov 3, 2016

Putin’s Email Scandal Continues

Ukrainian Hackers Leak Key Kremlin Aide’s Email… Again

Conflict Cybersecurity

Wed, Oct 26, 2016

Разбор слитой переписки Суркова

Что содержимое почты «Серого кардинала» Кремля может рассказать нам о войне на Донбассе?

Conflict Cybersecurity

Tue, Oct 25, 2016

Breaking Down the Surkov Leaks

What the leaked inbox of the Kremlin’s “Grey Cardinal” tells us about the war in the Donbass

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