• Research Assistant, South Asia

Ayushman Kaul

Ayushman Kaul is a research assistant for South Asia at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) based in India. Ayushman is an analytically minded political risk and international relations specialist with a strong focus on issues relating to security, intelligence and political risk in the South Asian regional context. When he is not depressing his friends and family with daily updates on the Kashmir conflict or the increasing likelihood of the next global conflagration, he likes travelling, writing poetry and playing sports.

February 2022

Tracing the myth that COVID-19 vaccines alter human DNA

by Nika Aleksejeva, Lukas Andriukaitis, Jean le Roux, Roman Osadchuk, Ayushman Kaul, Daniel Suárez Pérez

Incorrect claims falsely attributed to public health experts were later amplified by anti-vax doctors and activists
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January 2022

Social media and security dynamics in the ongoing India-China border dispute

by Ayushman Kaul

False narratives underline dangers posed by disinformation as a means of stoking hostility between nuclear-armed neighbors.
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May 2019

Doctored Content Spreads During Crucial Phases of Indian Election

by Ayushman Kaul

Politicians amplified doctored photos and videos on social media amid ongoing elections
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