• Research Assistant

Sayyara Mammadova

Sayyara Mammadova is a research assistant at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. She also serves as an independent external assessor for the International Fact-Checking Network, where she evaluates the applications of fact-checking organizations. Mammadova uses open-source investigative techniques to uncover information operations. She led the creation of an open-source project called TG Collector, which helps researchers facilitate Telegram based investigations. Prior to the DFRLab, Mammadova worked as a fact checker in Turkey where she reported mis- and disinformation.

May 2024

Russian information operations targeted Ukraine and NATO during the battle for Avdiivka

by Valentin Châtelet, Sayyara Mammadova, Ruslan Trad

Pro-Kremlin Telegram channels and state media pushed multiple narratives to undermine Ukraine and its western partners
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April 2024

Kremlin-linked Telegram channels seed anti-Ukraine and anti-West narratives in Bulgaria

by Eto Buziashvili, Sayyara Mammadova

Pro-Kremlin Bulgarian Telegram channels amplify disinformation seeded by Kremlin-run channels
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December 2023

Documenting equipment losses from the 2023 Wagner mutiny

by Sayyara Mammadova, Valentin Châtelet

The DFRLab revisits Yevgeny Prigozhin’s failed insurrection against the Russian military, six months ago this week
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