• Associate Director

Stewart Scott

Stewart Scott is an associate director with the Cyber Statecraft Initiative, part of the the Atlantic Council Tech Programs. He works on the Initiative’s systems security portfolio, which focuses on software supply chain risk management and open source software security policy

Stewart earned his B.A. from Princeton University at the School of Public and International Affairs along with a minor in Computer Science. His course of study centered on misinformation, computer science, social media policy, online extremism, journalism, and American political and economic history. He joined the Atlantic Council after interning with its Cyber Statecraft Initiative.

May 2024

The 5×5—The XZ Backdoor: Trust and Open Source Software

by Nitansha Bansal, Stewart Scott

Open source software security experts share their insights into the XZ backdoor, and what it means for open source software security.
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April 2024

O$$ Security: Does More Money for Open Source Software Mean Better Security? A Proof of Concept

by Sara Ann Brackett, John Speed Meyers, Stewart Scott

A proof-of-concept study looking for correlation between open source software project funding and security practices at scale.
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February 2024

Hacking with AI

by Maia Hamin, Stewart Scott

Can generative AI help hackers? By deconstructing the question into attack phases and actor profiles, this report analyzes the risks, the realities, and their implications for policy.
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